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121 training and behaviour consultations open for booking.

Animal Minds Alike

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All the dog training classes you’ll need, from puppy to advanced.

Locations: Chalfont St Giles

Classes hosted by Minds Alike and Wheelhouse Dog Training School.


Scentwork trains dogs to use it’s sense of smell to identify & locate a specific scent.

As a training activity, scentwork is fun & very rewarding for both you & your dog.

Find out more at Scentwork UK.

Classes hosted by Minds Alike.

Fascinating talks and seminars, presented by Laura Ward.

Laura has always had a passion for how animals think and feel. She is a strong believer in up to date theoretical knowledge which she likes to share through her talks and seminars.

Hosted by Minds Alike.

Want to take your training a step further? 

Take a look at our selection of fun obedience that include Gundog workshops and Recall and Socialisation courses.

Classes hosted by Minds Alike.


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