Rally Obedience Class | hosted by Minds Alike


Rally is a a fun obedience sport and involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of 'obedience exercise obstacle course' including simple exercises.

This is a great way to keep you and your dog on your toes, keep training with your dog while still keeping the exercises new and fresh. Exercises range from heelwork, turns, static exercises e.g. sit/down/stand, leave, recall, stay, jump, hold and drop. Don't worry if you cannot do all of these things - we will start where you are and build on your skills. There are 6 levels in rally, so of course we will start with level 1 exercises.

This course is suitable for anybody who has some basic training in place i.e. has completed a beginner and intermediate course, and are now wandering what to do, or maybe you have had a break from training and would like to come back to it.


Instructing the course - Laura Ward | BSc (hons), APDT 01184, VN, TCBTS


6 weeks course dates:

  1. Thursday 26th September 2019 - 7.30pm
  2. Thursday 3rd October 2019 - 7.30pm
  3. Thursday 10th October 2019 - 7.30pm
  4. Thursday 17th October 2019 - 7.30pm
  5. Thursday 24th October 2019 - 7.30pm
  6. Thursday 31st October 2019 - 7.30pm 
  • Dogs must be sociable with other dogs
  • Dogs must have had their primary vaccinations
  • Dogs must be able to cope in a hall environment

*Please discuss with Laura Ward if you are unsure if a hall environment is appropriate for your dog*


What to bring:

  • Tasty treats
  • A comfortable collar/harness (flexi leads and choke chains are NOT appropriate)
Starts On:
Thursday 26 September 2019
7:30 PM
Ends On:
Thursday 31 October 2019
8:30 PM
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