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Animal training is not just about obedience and control. It is about learning how to communicate with one another and understand what is expected of each other within the relationship between you and your animal. It should be a fun, enjoyable and bonding experience.

Training is not only important for you to utilise in every day life, but it is also important for any animals mental development. By this I mean that it teaches your dog life lessons such as how to control and deal with frustration and learn to be calm and patient.

Advantages of coming to training classes over learning individually  at home:

  • Provide the dogs with social opportunities.
  • We get to socialise and share experiences
  • Dogs practice frustration control and focus even when there are other dogs around; a very valuable lesson indeed! 
  • The week by week course plan means that you can train your dog at a comfortable pace, covering a range of valuable behaviours and exercises without feeling overwhelmed.

Classes run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Tuesday evenings at Chalfont St Giles.

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animal training dog classes
dog training classes
121 dog training


121 training can be arranged either at your home or a suitable location (depending on the aims of the session). A 121 session is 1 hour and is suitable for specific training issues.

Training issues frequently dealt with include; jumping up, mouthing, recall issues and pulling on the lead. Or maybe you would like to try something new with your dog such as learning some new tricks or scent work.

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Behaviour Consultation

In line with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and The Canine Behaviour and Training Society, these may be arranged via veterinary referral only. It is vital your pet is health checked first to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that may be causing or exacerbating the behavioural problem. For example, many endocrine and neurological disorders can affect your pets behaviour in surprising ways, or it may be something as simple as arthritis or pain or irritation from skin disease that is causing your dog to behave differently.

  • A Behaviour consultation includes:
  • A consultation in the home lasting 2-3 hours
  • A detailed report summarising the history, explanation of the behaviour problem and treatment plan which will be tailored to the client’s and patients individual needs
  • A written report to you and the referring veterinary surgeon
  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support
  • Continued liaison with the veterinary surgeon (if required)
  • If any follow up support is needed this can be arranged

Note: Aggression cases will most definitely require follow up visits.

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dog training behaviour consultation
howling dog
dog socialisation walks

Walk N' Train - socialisation/recall walks

These courses are great as a standalone course if you only feel you struggle with recall and your dog listening around other dogs, or as a compliment to your obedience course. You will alternate from being in an open field location where you will work on recall games, whistle cues and stop on command training, to a wooded environment where you will work on recall on the move, learning what is (and isn’t) appropriate play and socialisation, and learn to read the dogs’ body language and understand their interactions.

4 week course * Dogs must be friendly with other dogs * Dogs must be vaccinated * Dogs must be old enough to walk for 45-60 minutes.


These walks cater for those clients who are rehabilitating their nervous dog because he or she are behaving aggressively. These must have been treated on an individual basis and only begin walks when appropriate.

Mondays (10:15 and 11:15) at Hodgemoor Woods – 40 min

Dates and locations are pre-arranged and you will be informed of these via the mailing list. Laura must know in advance who is coming, to ensure that the right dogs are mixed and she does not get too many dogs on one walk.

*Not currently active*

dog socialisation training
gun dog


Fun Gun dog sessions

These workshops are for any breed with a drive to retrieve, chase and work and interact with you! You must have either completed the intermediate course, or have a reasonably reliable stay and recall to take part. 

Retrieval for beginners – in this workshop you will learn how to teach your dog to take and drop an item, and pick up without a chase. From this we start to get a good foundation in place to give to the hand, and be willing and happy about releasing the toys. This can build to hold, directed retrieves and blind retrieves. 

Advanced retrieval workshop – In this workshop we will look at what steps need to be taken to improve on your take, drop and hold. We will also look at the various retrieval exercises required in gun dog work and how to advance your training so it stays fresh and challenging for both you and your dog. 

Scent workshops

Scentwork Classes

Scent detection is a fun activity that provides a great deal of mental stimulation for your dog, without putting them under much physical strain. It is also incredibly rewarding for them, so it can be therapeutic as well as simply enjoyable. In this workshop Laura teaches the dogs to discriminate a particular odour. The dogs also learn how to ‘indicate’ to their handler when they have found the odour, while the handlers learn how to read their dog. We do indoor and outdoor searches.

This can be just for fun and you carry on practicing at home, or you can come back for some of the monthly follow on sessions which we hold. Watch in amazement as the dogs get better and better, and you start to understand your canine companion on another level.

Scentwork UK holds trials and competitions, where you can work through the levels and gain achievements. This is optional, but is does provide the activity with some structure for progression so are excellent whether you chose to partake or not.

dog scentwork
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